For the House and Cottages

Do not even think of throwing corks of wine! You will be delighted with what can be made of them.

Are you a wine lover? So you always have a few bottle caps. You should not throw them away, because of them you can make very original and useful things for your home.

Cork stoppers - almost universal thing, which can be easily used in your home. Below are 15 creative ideas for products from this uncomplicated material.

What to make of corks from wine

Stylish glass holders.

Original floats.

Interesting tags for glasses.

These are the beads.

They can replace broken door handles.

Make corks such pointers for your plants.

Memorable key chains.

Beautiful candlesticks.

Stand for hot dishes.

Clip for packages.

Bulk picture on the wall.

Stools for the garden.

Glue them on the legs of furniture so that they do not scratch the floor.

Nobody will have such a vase.

Or you can make such cute needle pads.

Wine bottle corks will be able to decorate your house, if you find them a worthy use. Use these brilliant ideas to add zest to your home design! You will not regret…