10 ways to avoid the most common blunders with a choice of photo wallpaper

Forget about the ridiculous photo wallpapers of the times of the nineties - modern wallpaper can be a decoration of any room, if you avoid gross mistakes in their choice.
Modern wallpaper can be a bright accent and a stylish addition to any interior. They are used to refresh the look of the room, zone the room or visually enlarge the space.

But in order to achieve the desired effect, it is important to avoid blunders, which are often made by apartment owners when choosing wall murals.

We talk about the most common.

1. Photowall-paper does not correspond to the general style of the room.

Wall mural selected for the entire interior and must comply with his general idea. For a Provence-style kitchen, the image of a cozy European town is perfect, but the panorama of New York will look strange. The image of the snow-capped peaks is not suitable for the Victorian bedroom, but it will decorate the room, decorated in eco style.

2. Color gaps

Do not forget about the coloring! It is quite possible to use the color-block technique and choose wallpaper of a contrasting color, if you design a room in the style of hi-tech, contemporary or boho. For a more relaxed and classic interiors, choose wallpaper that is in harmony with the main colors of furniture and walls.

3. More than one image in the room.

One wall, decorated with photo wallpapers, is quite enough: it is a bright style decision that attracts attention. The second image in the room is a brute force. If you want to "embrace" two walls at once, choose corner wallpaper with a panoramic pattern.

4. Bid on too small or too large image

Wall mural with a pattern, which is dazzled in the eyes, overload the nervous system and look intrusive. Unfortunately, ten-to-one images do not look better either: giant flowers or a grassy meadow greatly enlarged. Photowall-paper on which subjects are represented in more or less realistic scale is harmoniously looked.

5. Incorrect zoning with photo wallpaper

Wall mural - a great tool for zoning space. They emphasize the spirit of each zone and give the room a special atmosphere. But you should avoid interior solutions, in which the wallpaper will be located on the border between the zones: this way the division of space will be disturbed, and all the beauty of the photo wallpaper will be lost.

6. Arrangement of furniture on the background of photo wallpaper

The wall, decorated with photo wallpapers, should not be made with furniture, otherwise they simply do not make sense. This is especially important when choosing wallpaper with perspective. In the small car, use narrow panoramic wallpaper - they will become an interesting accent in the interior and will not occupy the entire wall.

7. Incorrectly selected lighting

Pros do not recommend placing the wallpaper on the wall opposite the window: possible glare will spoil the impression. Wall mural dark color on the wall of the room on the shady side is also not the best solution. But a darker pattern can be preferred to create comfort in a well-lit room. Beautiful wallpapers look with additional lighting, located on the sides on the wall or next to the floor.

8. "Dynamic" wallpaper in the bedroom

In areas designed for recreation, it is better not to use wallpaper with the image of skyscrapers or busy city streets. Such images can decorate the living room, hallway or study. For the bedroom, choose more peaceful images of nature.

9. Unnecessary details

It is not necessary to decorate the wall pasted over with wall mural paintings, hang a TV or shelves on it. Otherwise, you only break the perception of the image and overload the interior. All these items are always better placed on the side walls.

10. Poor selection of photo wallpapers for a small room.

For a small or narrow room, choose bright wallpaper with a large pattern: they visually expand the space. To create the illusion of a higher ceiling, rely on elongated images: trees, mountain towers with spiers. Wall murals depicting a street or a sea bay, which is receding into the distance, will help to visually correct the area of ​​a small bathroom or close corridor.