9 tricks for the perfect hairstyle. Turn into a well-groomed beauty in a couple of minutes!

Hair is the main decoration of a woman. And their length is completely irrelevant. The main thing is right and suitable hairstyle and her grooming. We suggest you learn 9 simple tricks to create the perfect hairstyle.

These little things are very simple, but every woman should know them. Take note!

How to make a beautiful haircut

Perfect bundle

First make a gum bagel. Cut off the tip of the sock and fold into the steering wheel what is left. Then tie the hair in a high horse tail. Stretch your tail through the donut. Take the tip of the tail and, holding it with your fingers, begin to twist the sock. In this case, the hair will be screwed on it. When finished, distribute the strands evenly so that the gum is not visible. Fix hair with lacquer.

Beach curls in 5 minutes
In order to keep the curls all day long, apply a texturing spray on wet hair. Then divide them into pieces. Wrap each strand in a tight rope and sushi with a hairdryer. After that, lightly rub your hair with your fingers, as if you were combing it.


Screw long hair on top of the head before putting it on.

Double wavy tail

Separate the hair into upper and lower parts. Make from the top of a simple version of "malvinki." The remaining hair gather in the tail at the back of the head.

Say no to a sloppy hairstyle!
If you want to have a perfectly smooth hairstyle, sprinkle a mascara brush or a toothbrush that you no longer use, hair spray and smooth unruly hairs.

Light curls
How to make curls: Gather hair for the night under the gum. This trick is suitable for owners of light and soft hair.

How to use stealth

Spiral studs
If you have heavy straight or unruly hair, use spiral hairpins that are screwed into them. With them the hairstyle will be kept very long.

Lift tail
To keep the tail high and not hanging, use a few stealth to lift it.

With these tips, your hairstyle will look just great. And most importantly - there is nothing complicated.