Chic models of Anna Vititina, crocheted

Designer Anna Vititina created these bright, simple models. Associated models Elena Vititina.

1. Light airy dress model seemed to be created in order to spin at the ball. This binding is an imitation of a woven fabric due to the fact that the author crocheted a chain stitch along the paths with shaped yarn.

Size 46-48

The model is crocheted

Would need: 550 g of acrylic with pink-orange methanite, 100 g of black Lurex, 200 g of black grass yarn, hook No. 2-3.

Before starting work, make a full-size pattern of the model and adjust it according to your measurements, look at the pattern photos on the size of the product and the direction of knitting.

Start knitting from the top of the dress according to the scheme 1.

Figure 2 shows how the rounded edge of the product is performed.

For trimming, see diagram 3.

After completing the top of the dress, proceed to the strapping of the flared skirt according to scheme 4. The frill of the skirt is knitted with pink-orange yarn according to scheme 6. The strips of black lurex with a chain stitch are performed according to the scheme 5. Tie neck and armholes of the dress with one row of "grass" yarn consisting of from 1 crochet column and 3 air loops.

To fill the grid cells, we perform rows of chained loops with a hook (Diagram 5 and Diagram 7) as follows: fasten the thread from the wrong side of the web, insert the hook into the web from the front side to the wrong side, grab the thread and pull out the loop. The working thread must be on the wrong side of the work. * Insert the hook over the next air loop, grab the thread, pull the loop and pull it through the loop on the hook. * Repeat from * to *.

The tambour stitch can also be made with a needle (schemes 8, 9, 10). Tambour - the old name of the hook - hence the name of the embroidery stitch, resembling a chain of air loops.

2. Model of this spectacular coat can be either summer or winter, depending on the choice of yarn. A loose silhouette, a combination of openwork canvas of large squares and thick rubber bands - this is the secret of success of this model.

The model is crocheted and knitting.

Would need: 900 g wool blend yarn; hook number 4; needles number 4.

Coat is made of 16 squares. Product dimensions are shown in the figure below.

Knit shelves, back and sleeves, making a canvas of motifs according to the scheme below, connecting them in the last row with the help of connecting bars. The cut-out of the neck and the shelves is formed by knitting in one of the corners of the square of the columns with a smaller number of naquids than in the base motif. This is shown in the diagram of the second motive.

3. Crocheted lilac dress. Airy and light. Crochet the pattern that increases.

4. Crochet such an unusual dress. It consists of individual strips, trimmed with yarn with methanite.

Size 42-44.

You will need: 200 g of mixed yarn (wool / acrylic) white, blue, blue, 100 g of yarn with silver meganite, hook No. 2.

The model is made of ribbons that fit each separately.

See the figure for product dimensions. Tie 12 ribbons (6 for the back and 6 for the front) according to the scheme and sew them as shown in the figure. The yarn change is shown in the diagram. For finishing tapes, knit a series of connecting columns with yarn and methanite along the rows of the fillet net. Open spaces between ribbons fill with a fi-lane and irregular grid.

5. An incredibly spectacular dress, which once again shows how the author’s fantasy and skill can turn the popular and widely known “mill” pattern, in combination with fluffy yarn with a needle, into an extravagant and almost unrecognizable firework of graphic elements.

Size 44

You will need:

500 g of silver viscose with methanite;
100 g of shaped yarn with a black pile;
hook number 1, 5

Make a dress pattern in full size, as shown in Figure 19.