For a holiday

How to inflate flying balloons without helium at home: decorating the room for the holiday!

Do you dream to decorate the house for the holiday party with flying balloons? "With my own hands" does not offer to buy expensive helium balloon. We will go the other way!

How to inflate a flying ball

It will be especially interesting for children to participate in this matter, so feel free to connect them to the process! Do not forget just before the start of the experience to put on them aprons and rubber gloves: all components are simple, but safety engineeringnobody canceled!


  • air balloons
  • empty bottle, preferably 1 or 1.5 liter
  • tea spoon
  • funnel
  • table vinegar
  • baking soda


    1. Pour into a bottle vinegar about a third.
    2. Through the funnel, pour into a ball 2-3 tsp. soda

Put the ball on the neck of the bottle. As a result of the interaction of soda and vinegar carbon dioxide is released, which is known to be heavier than air. A carbon-filled balloon will not be able to climb up.

To force the balloon to stay near the ceiling, rub it with any synthetic material, and then glue it to the ceiling. Thanks static electricity the ball will last at this position for up to 5 hours.

how inflate balloons without helium Watch the video.