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15 Incredible wooden sculptures that seem like real people.

Since childhood, we very well remember the adventures of Pinocchio or our Pinocchio. Papa Carlo was able to breathe life into a simple log and a wooden man appeared before us, whom we loved very much.
But, it turns out, even today, there is such a father, Carlo, this is an Italian sculptor and artist Peter Demets. The skill of this Italian artist is really amazing, making you look at the “boring” wood differently.

His stunning wooden sculptures of men, women and children are so complex, realistic and detailed that they are very easily confused with real people who are simply impossible to distinguish from real people.

Peter Demets - was born in the province of Bolzano, in Italy, in 1969. Received an art education, graduating from an art school in Ortisei. Then from 1983 to 1990 he studied the art of sculpture in the workshop of Heinrich Demetz. In 1993, Peter received a master’s degree in sculpture and since then has participated in various group and solo exhibitions.

The peculiarity of this sculptor is that he creates his works from a rather complex material - wood. But certain difficulties in creating sculptures do not embarrass Peter, in his skillful hands the tree turns into realistic and very detailed figures of people, which amaze viewers of exhibitions of the sculptor's works.

Peter Demets is not only an artist, a sculptor and a master of unique woodcarving, he is the founder of the direction of a three-dimensional composition, with surgical precision creating images that go through routine life situations.

It seems another moment, and they will turn to you and, looking in their eyes, tell about themselves, ask for help, or, laughing, will leave. The anatomical accuracy of the figures, the depth of the play of time, light and space, through the interaction of elements, evoke a state of deep experience, sympathy or joy in the viewer. Reality goes away, leaving us for a moment in the world of images, full of intense depth, created by Peter Demets.