He made an ironing board with foil, and then he could not believe his eyes ...

Food aluminium foil - an indispensable tool in the household. For what it is just not used: cooking in the oven, packing food, cleaning pots, sharpening scissors, removing plaque on silver products ...

Today "With my own hands" share the trick you can doiron clothes 3 times faster.

How to iron quickly

In order to speed up the process of ironing, you will need a roll of regular food foil.

Remove the cover from the ironing board, cover the surface with foil.

Gently put the cover on the board and start ironing. Foil is an excellent reflector of heat, so all the wrinkles and wrinkles on clothes will instantly be straightened from 2 sides at once!

Also with the help of foil you can smooth silk, viscose, chiffon. In order not to leave traces of the iron on the surface of delicate fabrics, lay the product on the foil, move the iron at a distance of 3-5 cm from it in the steaming mode.