For the House and Cottages

As long as everyone preserves the jam, we will preserve the moss. It turns out, though inedible, but quite nice and entertaining.

Recently, the Internet is increasingly possible to see beautiful photos of terrariums with plants. Many of them are almost works of art - with a plot, figures of characters and tiny copies of objects. Such a thing may seem very difficult to perform and whimsical in the care, but it is not so, if you are guided by several tips.

In general, a glass container in which plants grow suitable for such conditions may become something of an independent ecosystem. Of course, it is not airtight, it is necessary to water a miniature garden from time to time, but water evaporates much more slowly, and moisture-loving plants feel great in such a microclimate.

But before you start work, do not forget to wear gloves and goggles, because small glasses that can scatter when preparing a light bulb can be very dangerous.

We take sharp pliers and take out the metal contact from the bulb base. To do this, split the black insulation and remove the glass contents to the outside. Now you need to find a screwdriver and pierce all the excess inside the bulb, because we need a clean piece. Be careful with glass fragments, make sure that the fragments do not fall on you and on the floor.

We received an empty container in which it will now be possible to lay all the plants and soil. On the street we find a beautiful stone, on which we make several points with hot melt. They will play the role of soft legs for the stability of the structure and the furniture will be protected from scratches. On one of the sides we smear hot melt glue and fasten the bulb at an angle. Here is a place for your imagination, you can give our eternal terrarium any position.

Now you need to go to the forest to search for ingredients for the terrarium. We need forest soil, moss, which is very well suited for our purpose, as it is very hardy, looks beautiful and unpretentious. You will also need for the beauty of tree bark, pieces of dry twigs and an acorn, which will be a stopper for a light bulb.

We place some small stones on the bottom, they will play the role of drainage. Pour sand over the pebbles, and then add forest soil. For convenience, you can use tweezers or wooden chopsticks, which are abundant in almost all homes.

Now, with the same tools, we beautifully stack objects of the fauna and others that you like at the bottom of the light bulb. We almost reached the finish line. It remains to make a few strokes.

Pour into a few drops of water. If you managed to capture several acorns in the forest, you can also use them to decorate an eternal terrarium. If you do not find acorns, use a piece of a branch from which you can make a small cork. Instead of a stone for the supply, you can use copper wire. As a result, we got a beautiful mini terrarium, made from the usual light bulb. Its eternal properties are that it is tightly closed, but not only does it not become destructive for plants, moreover, it creates a closed ecosystem in which plant life does not stop. Inside the microflora is formed, the consumption of carbon dioxide is the production of oxygen and the water cycle. This is like a small planet with its own conditions in which some species may die and others flourish for dozens of years.