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How to make a cool styling using a regular T-shirt: it sounds absurd, but it works!

We all dream to wake up with a beautiful hairstyle already finished. But usually, it takes in the morning at least 10-15 minutes of exercises with curling irons, irons and a hair dryer. Want to get perfect curls in a couple of minutes and without harm to the hair? Then read our stuff!

We are always very happy when we find new ways to make curls without curling. It's so difficult to restore hair after harmful staining, improper care and cold winter. And hot tools cause them additional damage, degrade the texture of the hair, make it dry and bitten.

This method is called “Nimbus Curls” because of the shape of the whole structure. remember, that the most important thing - Twist the strands as carefully as possible around the fabric, so that the next morning the hair would be smooth, not tangled and fluffy.

The biggest plus of this method is that the curls are obtained in the same shape and without visible creases. It’s as if you’ve been twirling your hair on a large diameter curler. With this hairstyle, you can safely go to a social event or a romantic dinner. Or you can celebrate March 8, especially since naturalness is now in fashion!