Few people know about this divine place ... We still have no words!

The view of the White Temple in Thailand is breathtaking! The temple was built in 1997 according to the modern project of the Thai artist Chalermchay Kositpipat. The divine beauty of the temple has made it one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Unfortunately, in May 2014, as a result of the earthquake, the temple was badly damaged. Now Kositpipat is tirelessly working on his recovery. The artist promised that he would work on the reconstruction of the building until the end of his life, in order to give this Buddhist miracle its original appearance.
This is just incredible beauty!

Scary ...

It's hard to believe that people built this temple. All the details of this Thailand sights are admirable! If you go to Thailand, do not forget to include this beautiful temple in the list of places to visit. Be sure to tell your friends about it!