The most expensive flowers on the planet

There is no doubt that flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. A bouquet of flowers is a widely recognized sign of attention and good location throughout the world. In addition, it is a universal gift for almost any holiday, be it a birthday, wedding or first date.

In the world there is a huge variety of flowers, many popular varieties can be seen in flower shops in each city. However, there are such rare and exotic specimens, a bouquet of which will cost no less than a good precious decoration.

So, we present you a list of the most expensive flowers in the world.

Hydrangea. The flower grows in Asia and on both American continents. The name of this variety was in honor of Princess Hortensia, the royal monarch of the time of the Holy Roman Empire. Most species of this plant has two types of flowers - small indoor and large outdoor. On average, one flower of hydrangea costs 6.5 dollars.

Gloriosa. The plant grows in Asia and South Africa, and is a rather rare and expensive flower. Gloriosa is also called the "flower of glory." The length of the flower stems reaches three meters, and the inflorescence itself has a yellow-green or yellow-red color. Exotic "appearance" of a flower is reflected in its value, which reaches 10 dollars.

Rainbow roses are the result of technology invented by Dutch flower craftsmen. The first successes in creating such roses, the inventors received in 2004. By and large, the rainbow rose is a child of engineering, since in the process of growth, the stem is divided into separate channels, which each absorb its dye. The result is a unique multi-colored petals. Average cost - from 10 dollars.

King of the night. One of the most expensive varieties of tulips, which at the time of the so-called "tulip fever" cost fabulous money. So, one onion cost the equivalent of 300 liters of wine or 4 tons of wheat. Today, the average price of a single bulb of such a black tulip is now 15-20 dollars.

Eden rose. The world-famous variety of climbing roses, bearing the title of the most beautiful on the planet. Flowers are heavy heavy buds that have a soft cream color with pink edging. There are other variations of shades. Over 20 years of existence of this variety, "Paradise Rose", as translated name of the flower, has won many different awards. This variety of roses is a favorite of the famous kinometik Louis de Funes. One thing is estimated at more than $ 20.

Sweet juliet. This variety of roses was bred by the British breeder David Austin. It took the Englishman 15 years and almost 16 million dollars to create this beautiful flower. Graceful roses with delicate apricot buds were first shown to the world in 2006 as part of a flower show in England. Since then, active discussions of this variety have not ceased in the circle of breeders around the world. One bud costs 25 dollars.

Medinilla grows on the territory of the humid tropical zone of Africa and Asia. She is worthy of the title of the most beautiful exotic plants. Specialists - botanists and gardeners - even gave the flower the corresponding unofficial name - "beautiful." During flowering, the plant strikes with the beauty of its inflorescences, which are twined with tiers of pinkish bracts, studded with many small pink flowers. This plant is offered at a price of 50 to 150 dollars.

Orchid "Gold Kinabalu" in the core market is considered the most expensive. Such a rare plant can be seen only in one place on our planet - on Mount Kinabalu, which is located on the territory of the national state park of Borneo Island. This is an endangered orchid species that first begins to bloom only 15 years after the appearance of the first foliage. One pedicle gives 5-6 large flowers, dotted with darkish veins. It grows only from March to May and one flowering to another can take a long time. For only one escape of this flower will have to fork out for 5-6 thousand dollars.

Shenzhen nongke - it is a difficult-to-pronounce name for a flower received from its creators - a team of Chinese breeders who spent 8 years on breeding this orchid variety. Flowering Shenzhen Nongke has to wait 4-5 years. In 2015, this plant was purchased by an unknown buyer for a record amount that exceeded 200 thousand dollars. This made Shenzhen Nongke the most expensive flower ever sold in the world.