20 examples of how cats perfectly use everything you gave them

Cats are not only very smart, but also very independent. This means that if you make a gift for them, they will show their greatest possible indifference to it. From these examples, you will learn two things: first, that you should not spend a lot of money on a gift for your cat or cat, and that they can be happy just in a regular cardboard box:

I made my cat a present and see what I got

She not only behaves like an idiot, but it seems to me that she also laughs

You buy a bench in the store, but she prefers a scoop

I bought my cat a scraper ...

Why not sleep inside?

Cat logic

Any place is convenient if you are a cat

For cats, the most comfortable place is between these two soft pillows.

Bought a cat drinking fountain

It defies explanation

Perfect bed

Spent a few hours on the bed for my cat ...


The best Christmas gift for my cat was the box in which it was packed

Oh yeah! This is logical!

Teach the cat to its litter ...

Bought a super-lock, BUT ...

... there was a box near


Bought a drinking fountain, but she prefers to drink from a glass