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Pergola or gazebo in the yard: great design ideas that inspire

Spring is coming, so you need new inspiration and cool ideas for decorating the yard around the house. And a gazebo (pergola) can be just an excellent option for this purpose. But before proceeding to the construction of structures, it is worth considering various design options that can give an idea of ​​what I would like to arrange.

Great design ideas to create a pergola or gazebo.

1. Spring pergola

The wooden structures of the pergola are especially emphasized by the wisteria that adorn the arbor.

2. Village arbor

A rustic gazebo that combines privacy and total comfort.

3. Wooden pergola

Wooden construction pergolas with swings and side bars that protect from prying eyes.

4. Modern gazebo

A modern pool gazebo that extends outdoor living space.

5. Mediterranean arbor

A beautiful Mediterranean pergola that creates shade with an excellent seating area.

6. Beautiful views

Observation deck from which a beautiful view, equipped with a pergola.

7. Angle pergola

A simple corner pergola with an excellent L-shaped sofa, which can accommodate a decent company.

8. Beautiful gazebo

The open bar-zone is protected by a white arbor. Industrial-style bar stools highlight the seating area.

9. Vinyl white arbor

White vinyl arbor with a lounge by the pool, which protects and emphasizes the greenery around.

10. Arbor design in nature

Excellent arbor design and the surrounding area is decorated with greenery.

11. Metal arbor

Custom metal gazebo, with incredible patterns that give the design elegance.

12. Pergola with stone columns

A great design idea for pergolas with stone columns and a wooden roof, surrounded by flowers, vines, greenery.

13. Pergola with arches

The pergola of incredible shape, custom-made, fits perfectly in the garden around the house.

14. Simple arbor

A simple wooden arbor under which the bed is hidden by the pool.

15. Open area with pergola

Full open festive and entertaining suite with terraces and excellent pergola.

16. Simple arbor design

The spacious design of the gazebo, next to which is located a small fountain that complements the decor.

17. Minimalist metal arbor

A minimalist metal pergola with clear lines surrounded by greenery.

18. Wooden pergola

The wooden pergola is a corner construction that creates a secluded corner in the garden.

19. Pergola decorated with curtains

A simple but pretty pergola is decorated with cute curtains that create an incredibly comfortable environment.

20. Arched gazebo

Arbor with a fully open kitchen and fireplace, made in the form of an arch.

21. Unearthly atmosphere

The furniture complements the wooden texture of a simple gazebo, and the curtains create an unearthly atmosphere.

22. Openwork forged arbor

A simple openwork gazebo with incredible lines that create a wonderful atmosphere and filter light and air.

23. Arbor over the dining area

An excellent solution to build a gazebo over the dining surface, which will provide pleasant gatherings in nature.

Excellent design options for gazebos (pergolas) - these are a few good solutions that create a wonderful atmosphere around the house.