The most famous shoes: 6 iconic brands

If you collect all the jokes and humorous aphorisms about the commitment of the fair sex to shoes with all the consequences of this love, you can get a pretty weighty volume. Moreover, most men sneer on this topic, most often skeptical about the very idea that “some kind of shoes there” can cost tens of thousands. At the same time, it is paradoxical, but the fact is: these very shoes, which become the subject of female urban mythology, most often men themselves create! At least, the most famous shoes in the divine pantheon of shoes were invented by male designers.

If the story of Cinderella, who arranged her destiny with the help of a single shoe, does not seem to be an artistic exaggeration to you, we will show you how to choose the most beautiful shoes, which, if they do not change your life, will definitely make it more pleasant.


Today, if you start typing in the Internet search engine the grammatically correct name "loubuty", auto-correction will persistently offer you "labutenes" - and all thanks to the song of the group "Leningrad", which isn’t that lazy. Consciously or not, the musicians managed to catch one of the most important signs of our time, namely, the conviction that the appearance, shoes, shoes, and outstanding qualities of pants, have the meaning of absolute, the highest good to which one should strive, even if paint the sole with red nail polish.

Christian Louboutin himself hardly anticipated such consequences when creating this iconic shoe, but the fact remains: the real louboutins in the fashionable footwear collection will occupy an honorable place, even when the song sinks into oblivion along with the laputens and adorable pants. The classic Loubuten model, Pigalle, so named after Christian Louboutin in honor of the red light district in Paris, is recognized as the most desirable pair in the world: a curved shoe, a neat, narrow nose, a red sole and a 12-centimeter heel. You can not love them, but to argue with the statement that these are one of the most stylish shoes in the world, it is difficult.


"You want to dance, live, move in good shoes! If you feel differently, throw your shoes out without regret", considers Manolo Blahnik, and we willingly believe him. The 73-year-old designer for over 40 years with all the care and meticulousness she creates shoes not only for her own brand, but also for many famous fashion houses. Manolo Blahnik shoes have repeatedly received the most prestigious awards in the fashion world, including a special award from Balenciaga (1988), Nieman Marcus Award (2000) and personal recognition from Spain’s King Juan Carlos I.

By the way, these shoes were called the "fifth star" of the series "Sex and the City", which contributed to the cult of Manolo Blahnik.


The iconic two-color boats, invented by Coco Chanel, have a number of advantages: first, the black toe visually shortens the foot, while the neutral-beige color of the shoes visually pulls the foot, second, Chanel didn’t particularly appreciate the styled hairpins of Chanel, that the most comfortable and elegant for this model will be an average heel of 5-6 cm in height, which, of course, makes these shoes suitable even for the troublesome day that you are going to spend on your feet.


The famous Malaysian designer was born in a family of shoemakers, so his future life was predetermined - Jimmy Chu created the first pair of shoes at the age of 11. In 1986, Chu opened his own business by renting an old London hospital building, where he gradually assembled the necessary equipment for shoe manufacturing. Success and popularity were not long in coming. Among the fans of the brand are Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Scarlett Johansson and many other stars.

By the way, "Sex and the City" also did not bypass Jmmy Chu with their attention - the heroine of the series made it clear more than once that this shoe is not in vain among the top most beautiful shoes in the world.


The brand was created in 1993 thanks to Miuccia Prada, granddaughter of the founder of the Prada Fashion House. The name was Miucci's home nickname.

Miu Miu is focused on girls under 30 years old who prefer to experiment in clothes, do not want to wear classic things and like to combine colors that look incompatible at first glance. That is why the stylish shoes of Mary Jane, with a strap and rounded toe, owe their name to the heroine of the English comic book "Buster Brown" - the girl Mary Jane, who wore such a model, won such love. From graceful weightless shoes to heavy models on the platform, from retro-charm to ultra-modern experimentation - that is what admirers of this brand appreciate!


The most famous shoes with a buckle (patent leather, low heels, large square buckles, rectangular socks), created by the Frenchman Roger Vivier, in the middle of the last century decorated the legs of all fashionistas and film stars. The rebirth of the brand in 2002, when its art director was Bruno Frizoni, who previously collaborated with Trussardi and Givenchy, and celebrities such as Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwen Stefani joined Roger Vivier's clients.