25 household problems that Coca-Cola will quickly and effectively eliminate

In Coca-Cola, it turns out, in addition to the main function, there is another one - the assistant housewife. She is able to cope with the mass of domestic problems. We offer not to abandon such a wonderful drink, at least in the economy.

1. Tool for cleaning the toilet bowl

Toilet bowl cleaner

Few people like to clean toilets, I want to do everything quickly and cleanly. For this you need a jar of Coca-Cola and a toilet brush. Acid and soda contained in the drink, easily cope with dirt and dirt.

2. Insecticide


In India, some farmers use Coca-Cola to combat various pests. First, they are pleased with the result, and secondly, this method is much cheaper. And the thing is that a sweet drink attracts red ants, which destroy pests.

3. Stain remover

Stain remover

It is not necessary to buy an expensive stain remover. When washing with detergent, it is enough to add a little coca-cola. The stain will disappear due to orthophosphoric and carbonic acid.

4. Repellent


If some insects interfere with living in peace, get them out with a few cans of Coca-Cola. They need to open and leave, for example, on the windowsill. Sweet drink will attract uninvited guests.

5. Antirzhavin


If you need to get rid of rye, you need to immerse the object in a container with a newly opened coca-cola or wrap it in a cloth dipped in liquid. Ortho-phosphoric acid will help to clear the thing.

6. Painkiller


If during a sea holiday there was a nuisance and someone was stung by a jellyfish, you just need to pour a coca-cola in a thin stream at least 30 seconds. She will remove the pain. Moreover, it is easier to find a coca-cola on the beach than a special medicine.

7. Dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid

If something burned in the pan, you need to pour a little Coke into it and set aside for a few minutes. After that, the burnt remains of the dish will easily separate from the bottom.

8. Anti-chewing gum.

Chewing gum

It happens that chewing gum is in the hair. Most often, the struggle with it ends cutting off strands. But you can just pour a little Coke and leave for a few minutes. Everything is cleaned much easier. This method will work in the case of clothing.

9. The fight against nausea

Fight nausea

In case of nausea, you need to drink a small sip of Coca-Cola, from which pre-release the gas. It is effective just like ginger beer.

10. Fertilizer for flowers

Fertilizer for flowers

Flowers such as azalea or gardenia will only thank you for the delicious oxidation of the soil.

11. Blood stains

Blood stains

Coca-Cola perfectly removes blood stains from clothes. Furniture, carpets, walls, doors. Universal remedy.

12. Pie "Coca-Cola"

Pie "Coca-Cola"

If Coca-Cola is added to the cake dough, it will become more moist and tasty.

13. Copper dish cleaner

Copper Dish Cleaning Agent

Coca-Cola will help clean up old copper dishes to shine.

14. Car defrost

Defrosting cars

In order not to clear the ice from the car wipers in winter, you can simply pour Coca-Cola on them. In a few minutes the ice will come down.

15. Vintage photos

Vintage photos

Photos, and just paper, you can give an aged look due to Coca-Cola. It is enough to drop them for a few seconds in the drink and dry.

16. Hair Brightener

Hair clarifier

If suddenly the painting was not entirely successful, the hair turned out darker than expected, then the same Coke will come to the rescue.

17. Window cleaner

Window cleaner

Coca-Cola is an inexpensive window cleaner because it contains citric acid. It is necessary to wet the cloth in the liquid, wash the windows and walk again with clean water.

18. Marker marks

Marker marks

To remove traces of the marker on the clothes or carpet, you need to pour a little Coke on the stain and set aside for a few minutes. Wash with soap and water.

19. Sick stomach and Coca-Cola

Sick Stomach and Coca-Cola

Coke is surprisingly for many to help cope with some stomach problems, such as heartburn. To do this, you need to drink every hour one teaspoon of the drink without gas. If you do not have time to wait until the gases come out, you need to add a teaspoon of sugar to the drink.

20. Shiny coins

Shiny coins

If you suddenly caught oxidized coins, you can give them a new look with the help of Coca-Cola. They are immersed in a container with a drink and left for some time.

21. Fabric Freshener

Fabric Freshener

The smell of fuel and lubricants is difficult to remove, especially if a person is constantly working with them. The easiest and cheapest way to cope with the problem - when washing clothes, add Coca-Cola to a washing machine can.

22. Mr. Proper Coke

Mr. Proper Coke

It doesn't matter where the floor is, the kitchen is toli, the bath is toli, but Coca-Cola helps make it clean and shiny. It is only necessary to add it to the bucket with water when cleaning the apartment.

23. Polish


Chrome-plated parts will once again become new thanks to aluminum foil and Coca-Cola, which will dissolve rust and plaque.

24. Elastic curls

Elastic curls

Phosphoric acid will help to achieve elastic curls, you just need to wash your hair in a Coca-Cola.

25. Flavoring


Many chefs and pastry chefs advise you to use Coca-Cola as a flavoring in many recipes - from grilled wings to chocolate muffins. And she is also good with pork, allowing her to caramelize wonderfully.