For the House and Cottages

Brilliant way to heat almost any room.

This ingenious method allows for a short time to heat almost any room, and without the cost of electricity.

For a homemade air heater you will need:

  • two clay flower pots
  • one long bolt
  • two nuts
  • three pucks
  • three bricks
  • a couple of candles
  • ordinary plate.

Instead of candles, you can also use an alcohol burner.

Clay pots absorb the heat energy of candles and convert it into heat. The temperature on their surface reaches 70-80 degrees Celsius, and inside it reaches more than 260 degrees, so be very careful!

Such a heater stays hot for several hours after the “shutdown”. Attention: it is strictly forbidden to put this heater near flammable objects!

In a few hours, your room will be very warm! Now you can stop throwing money at expensive heaters, and also significantly save electricity!