Knitters note: 15 life hacking knitting

We all are familiar with the desire to save time and energy on routine trifles and techniques to do this - life hacking. Let me introduce you to a few knitting tricks today.

1. Holders for balls. All sorts of devices designed to ensure that the ball does not “run away” anywhere 🙂

2. Using a clip-on clip, make a device for knitting - put the ball in the bowl, fix the clip on its wall and pass the thread through the metal eyelet. The thread will not run away.

3. How easy and simple to make so that the ball of thread does not run away from you? Cut the neck in the bottle and leave a strip of plastic, which you can fasten on the back of the chair, and then fasten it on the neck of the bottle. Irreplaceable thing with multicolor knitting.

4. Another idea for multicolor knitting.

5. Crochet yourself such a thimble and the thread will not go anywhere.

6. You can make here such pieces of paper for storing the names and numbers and colors of knitting yarn.

7. An original idea for storing knitting needles. Buy an album for photos and put knitting needles - circular and nosochny. For the same purpose, you can use the folder with the files. Beautiful design is to your taste

8. Here is a simple device that will help you not to lose the desired series:

9. When finished knitting, put on ordinary wine corks on the knitting needles - and not a single loop will “run away”. Instead of traffic jams, you can use an eraser.

10. To make crochet hooks more comfortable, rubber softeners with ballpoint pens will help.

11. Do you knit everywhere and always? Bend the tip of the crochet hook so that it is comfortable to wear it on a keychain.

12. For knitting on the road and any other places with insufficient lighting, you can use luminous needles and crochet hooks with backlight. You can order such a tool in American and Asian online stores. A new kind of needlework - knitting with laser swords! 🙂

13. So that the auxiliary needle, hook and other necessary metal things are always at hand, make yourself such a bracelet:

14. Not finished knitting, afraid to inject - sew here such cuffs:

15. Well, and finally, my favorite 🙂 For those who want to knit always and everywhere, a few ideas for knitting bags:

Bonus! But the pattern of such a bag 🙂