Flower garden on the windowsill! I grow tulips at home, because I know the secret ...

Just imagine: outside the window dullness, eternal bad weather, slush, cold. And on the windowsill - delicate tulips, juicy and beautiful, grown with their own hands!

I do not like broken flowers, bouquets wither, die before our eyes. Here are live plants, still flowering all year round - is another matter! Now you find out how to grow tulips at home. Imagine, even the land is not needed! Only an elegant vase and water ...

How to grow tulips


  • large tulip bulbs suitable for forcing
  • beautiful transparent landing tanks
  • beads, glass beads, pebbles
  • water


  1. To get started, buy large tulip bulbs, suitable for planting and forcing at home. Pink Impression, Monte Carlo, Ad Rem, Princess Victoria - there are many varieties, choose any color you like.
  2. Place the purchased onions in the refrigerator for 13-17 weeks. Important! By no means near the bulbs you can not store applesotherwise the plant may not bloom.
  3. Mound pebbles and beads in a vase, almost completely fill with water.
  4. Place the tulip bulbs on top of the pebbles, sprouts up. The shoots of the bulbs must themselves get to the water, it is impossible to dip the bulb into the water, otherwise it may simply rot.
  5. Place the bulb vases in a cool, dark place for about 6 weeks.
  6. Finally, transfer the vases with the treasured tulips to the sunny windowsill! After 3 weeks, they will please you with unprecedented beauty bloom.

Of course, the planted bulbs will bloom for several weeks, not all year round. But if you plant the prepared bulbs at different times, there will be an eternal flower garden on the windowsill!

Here is an idea: now I know how to grow tulips for March 8! Watch a video on how to plant a bulb in the water.

Tulip - a symbol of perfect love and at the same time short-term, passing beauty. Purchase in-store tulip bulbs in the ground, which have not yet bloomed, take them out of the ground and rinse carefully.

Cut off the roots of the bulbs and place in a glass vase in the same way as described above. Soon they will bloom and please the eye!