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19 wonderful beds and bedrooms for large families and tiny spaces

A bunk bed is not only a crudely cobbled construction that is put into small children’s rooms if necessary, it is a huge field for creativity, fantasy and just a delightful thing that saves and organizes precious space. Moreover, this decision is good not only for children, but also for adults who love to receive guests, or simply to be "at the height."

Beds and bedrooms save space.

1. Bed in the closet

Beds disguised as wardrobes.

Spacious double beds, which in the daytime are perfectly disguised as large white cabinets.

2. Bunk bed

Wooden bunk bed.

Stylish bunk bed for two beds of different sizes.

3. Bed with working area

Functional baby bed.

Bunk bed with a desk downstairs and many shelves.

4. Bed above dressing room

Unusual bunk bed.

A narrow bed located above the spacious dressing room with many shelves, a bar for things and a washbasin.

5. Cozy nest

Built-in bedroom.

Compact bed built between two open shelves.

6. Bunk bed rack

Large bunk bed.

A two-story bed in a classic style combined with a large open shelving.

7. Bunk bed with working area

Bunk bed for boys.

A stylish bunk bed separating two compact workstations.

8. Built-in beds

Cozy bedroom for a large family.

Spacious bedroom with two bunk beds located in niches.

9. Sleeping by the window

Bed by the window

Compact sleeper built into the window.

10. Triple bed

Bed for three

Unusual bed for three kids.

11. Suspended beds

Nursery with hanging beds

Suspended beds - a great idea, placing beds in the nursery.

12. Double bed in the attic

Bunk bed under the roof of the attic.

The original idea of ​​placing a bunk bed under the roof.

13. Sleeping areas

Beds in a wooden niche.

Comfortable beds located in deep wooden niches.

14. Bunk beds with massive stairs

Bedroom for four.

Two stylish two-story beds connected by a massive staircase.

15. Modern sleeping module

Innovative sleeping module.

The original sleeping module with a bunk bed, built-in shelves and a large separate area in which you can place a desk or another bed.

16. Bedroom for girls

Beds combined with a table.

Rational idea of ​​placing beds and tables in the nursery.

17. Rollaway beds

Economical bunk bed.

Bunk bed, which easily folds into specially allocated shallow niches.

18. Beds under the podium

Hidden beds.

Retractable beds, hidden under the catwalk.

19. Retractable beds

Retractable beds.

Retractable beds hidden in the niches under the work area.

And besides these practical, stylish and very inspiring solutions, there are at least 8 crazy bunk beds, which can be not only the salvation of a family living in a small apartment, but also a very cheerful element in the interior that will please both households and guests.