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Arched house - affordable housing cost from $ 1000

Very often, looking at real estate catalogs, we unwittingly sigh, knowing that we cannot afford it. An alternative to expensive housing is offered by a company specializing in the construction of arched houses. Such housing is built very quickly, and, at the same time, its price range ranges from 1,000 to 5,000 dollars.

Arched house worth $ 1000. Arched Cabins Arched House.

Arched Cabins develops and builds galvanized arched houses. The standard kit, which can be purchased for the construction of such a dwelling, includes floor slabs, an arc frame, insulation material 13 mm thick (for cold climates, the thickness can be 25 mm) and panels for a dual slope roof with all fasteners.

Arched house - an alternative to expensive buildings.

The sizes of such arched houses vary from 3.7x7 meters to 4.5x10 meters. Corrugated wall cladding of buildings is designed for strong wind gusts and snow pressure (13 kg per 1 sq. M.). The developers claim that this is not an ordinary metal canopy, which will bend at the first snowfall.

An example of an interior in an arched house. Arched house. Interior.

These arched structures can be used not only as dwellings, but also as workshops, nursing homes, garages.

Price arched house varies between 1000 and 5000 dollars.