Quick and easy to make feathers for toys

I needed feathers for another toy. In the description that I found, they were done well, very boring, long and dreary. I honestly tried to do as prescribed, but on the second I rubbed calluses. Village thinking (lazy people - the most inventive. Where ingenuity - there is a face!)

Thought up.

I took a cardboard the size of a future feather, and yarn. Began to wind the yarn on cardboard, plump.


Still reel.

We reel further. Homemade That seems like a long time.

Cut the yarn into many small pieces and tie each wire into a separate knot - even longer 🙂

With a line exactly in the middle (on the cardboard you can draw the middle in advance) on the sewing machine with small stitches.

Cut the yarn on the sides.

On the other hand.

And tear off the cardboard. Stitched, easy to tear on perforation.

These are stitched strings. We must make them look like a feather.

We take the wire, in the loop at the beginning we tie several threads along the length of the workpiece (top feather). We wind the wire with thread, again tightly.

Billets near. Feather and streak in the middle of the pen.

Sticking. You can thermogun if you are able to finely distribute the glue.

On the other hand, the sticking is just a thread. So close the seam.

That is such a beauty.

Multicolored blanks.

And the resulting feathers.