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Original watches from wooden sticks!

If suddenly you are a fan of popsicle on a stick, then do not rush to throw out the last one. Having accumulated such sticks, you can create stunningly beautiful things. For example, as in today's project - the original watch. Such time chronometers will perfectly fit into your handmade designer interior.

You will need:

  • popsicle sticks (or other ice cream);
  • beads (color optional);
  • unnecessary compact disc;
  • plastic bottle cap;
  • clock mechanism with arrows;
  • strong thread (flagella);
  • Super glue;
  • drill (screwdriver).


1. The project uses 44 ice cream sticks and about 84 beads, but you can choose the amount of both of them at your discretion.

2 Take one stick and make 2 holes on it. One hole should be located on the edge (approximately 5 mm from the edge). The second hole should be approximately 20 mm. from the other side.

3. Use the hole wand prepared in the previous step as a template. Collect the Sticks with a pile, and place the template on top so that you can see in which place the holes should be drilled.

4. When drill all the holes, take a strong thread and beads, and then proceed to the assembly. Simply thread the thread through the hole (which is farther from the edge), plant a pair of beads, and then put on the next stick.

5. Through the bottom holes (which are closer to the edge of the wand), also thread a strong thread.

6. To create a smooth circle, as well as control the required length of the structure, use a cap from a plastic bottle. Just place it in the center, and along the contour lay out the assembled structure of rods.

7. When the required length has been assembled, thread the ends of the threads through the corresponding openings of the first and last sticks (as shown in the figure).

8. Tighten well, so that the first and last sticks are tightly pressed together. All this fix a few knots. Moreover, the nodules should be located on the side of the clock, which will be back in the future.

9. Take a cork from a plastic bottle and drill a hole in it in the center. The hole must match (or be slightly larger) the size of the pin on the clockwork.

10. Insert a cork with a hole in the previously assembled structure. Please note that the flat side of the cork with a hole should be on the front side. It is advisable to glue the cork to stiffen the whole structure.

11. From the back of the watch, attach the CD, as shown in the figure below. This operation is fundamental in ensuring the rigidity of the whole structure. But be careful with glue, do not blurt a lot, otherwise the watch will lose its elegant look. It would be best to glue around the circumference in the place where the sticks fit most closely together.

12. Using a super glue, glue the quartz movement to the CD. Please note that the pin for the clock should be on the other side.

13. Set the hour, minute and second hands.

14. Everything is ready! It remains to install the batteries and hang the clock in the right place. Now they will be pleasing to the eye and remind you of what you are skilled craftsmen and skilled workers.

Alternatively, you can use the design as a stand (without a clockwork).

Enjoy your crafts!