How to make a house out of paper tubes

This is the village house I made - the idea came when I saw my son's textbook on fine arts, paper house and decided to make a detailed master class

The paper is twisted into tubes

First, on the sides - then in the center - and then the whole tube

It takes a lot of these sticks - how many did not count, just made them as needed

We take cardboard as a base and stick sticks like this - two are long like they were made - the other two are shorter, measure them, cut off the ends along the length you need and also glue them

After 3 rows we are planning a doorway - and after another 3 windows, which is wider than the doorway

Window openings and door closures on a par - we paste the edges of the door on the sides - then we take thin tubes, which I twisted with a wooden skewer, which can be purchased at any sewing shop - cut off the tubes according to the height of the opening - we glue them together to glue them together to the doorway so that they do not roll in , taped inside with scotch

We glue the window opening too - we cut off the thin tubes and glue it in the opening like this - I used double-sided tape - and windows and curtains can be made as anyone wants - I did it like that and I also taped it inside

We make the roof like this - inside we fix the tubes so as not to bend for durability

We put the roof

We make a window self-adhesive

We make out the door

Making shingles - I made from strips of cardboard

Glue the corners above the window

We make the steps of the porch - we glue the tubes and wrap them with self-adhesive - three steps

Here they are three steps in the collection


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