For a holiday

11 ways to make a wish for the New Year

Christmas time - magical and magical. Santa Claus, Christmas tree, garlands, sparklers, champagne, tangerines and chiming clock. The time of miracles and the beginning of a new life! Surely everyone will be interested in information on how to make a wish for the new year.

We use practical advice as not just to make a wish, but to make it come true. Otherwise, why waste time?

Correct wording is key to success.

"Be careful with your desires - they tend to come true." M. Bulgakov.

Ways of making wishes are one thing, it is easy to fulfill them, we will tell about them below. But correctly formulating them for the New Year is another matter, much more important than the method used.

By following these tips, you can be sure that the information you put into your dream will be correctly "interpreted" by the Universe. You may not believe it, but the wishes made for the New Year are not just words, they come true.

And in order to achieve exactly what you really want, and not what you incorrectly asked for, we will follow these rules:

  • Always formulate a request in real time. Many people used to think using the past or future tense: "I want me to be healthy," do you feel? There was ... The universe answers: "you were healthy," everything, no execution takes place. It is quite another thing when the phrase is: "I am grateful for my health, which is improving every day." The meaning is clear.
  • Never in your requests do not make negative or too critical statements, because Providence is taken literally. You know what they say: "nosebleed, but I want to go to the sea." One person constantly repeating the phrase about the blood from the nose, quite unexpectedly fell ill with a severe form of sinusitis, instead of getting what you want. Like this. Another option - "at any cost, I want a car." Think whether it is ANY price? Even at the cost of your loved ones and your own health? So, be careful.
  • Ideally, after each desire to make a positive written or verbal message: "it is done easily and joyfully" or "while I, all my family and friends are healthy and happy" or "it is only good."
  • Do not use the words: "must" - this is an order; "I will" - a promise; do not use the particle "not"; Do not make negatives about other people, because, according to the laws of the universe, a negative message will return to you, only tenfold.
  • Invest the energy of love and gratitude, give thanks for what you already have, do not be afraid to ask for more. Do not use the words: "at least", "at least" and similar. You know, sometimes they make a guess: "if only a small room, even a small one, even in a common kitchen, if only it is its own corner", and then they complain and are surprised that they live all their lives in a communal apartment. Isn’t that what they wanted?
  • Clearly imagine what you want, do not make abstract or ambiguous desires that may be misinterpreted or interpreted in two ways. Express it very clearly and simply, and most importantly, feel it, soak up the energy of your wish, know that in the subtle world it has already been fulfilled, you just have to materialize the request correctly into your reality.

11 proven ways to bring the desired

How to make a wish you now know. Now the techniques with which this can (and should) be done on the New Year.

№ 1
Classic option. How to make a wish for the New Year under the chiming clock with champagne, many people know. However, this option remains the most productive. So, prepare in advance what to write and what to write (pens, leaflets).

During the time when the chimes are beating, you need to quickly write your wishes (think over them in advance and formulate them correctly in order to be in time). You set fire to the written paper, throw the rest of the ashes into a glass of champagne (if you do not drink alcohol, you can do it with a glass of juice, lemonade or plain water), and then you drink everything to the bottom. Just do not forget, before this, "go nuts" with your relatives and wish everyone happiness in the New Year.

№ 2
In preparation for the New Year's feast, formulate the most cherished or most important desire in your mind. Now realize its spiritual component (what you need it for, what it will give you).

For example, if you dream of a new apartment, then the spiritual component is comfort, safety, comfort. If you dream of creating a family - this is the joy of intimate relationships, motherhood, fatherhood, love. If this is travel, then spiritually it is the knowledge of the previously unknown, rest, new impressions. The idea is clear to you.

Now think up a symbol of your wish, for example, make a national dish of the country you want to go to, make a salad in the shape of a heart, at home or in a car, buy a drink made in the desired country. For example, French champagne.

Make a wish in a whisper, voice its spiritual meaning, “saturate” the symbol with the dream itself. It should be eaten or drunk at the New Year's table without a trace, it is very good, if relatives, loved ones and people will help you, then the energy of desire will only increase.

№ 3
Chiming clock bears a special mental message. At that moment, everything seems to freeze around, filled with the special magical energy of the transition to the New Time Stage. Feel free to stand on a chair, make wishes and as realistic as possible imagine yourself where they have already come true, at the time of the last blow, jump from a chair into a new life where all your dreams have come true.

№ 4
Write a letter to Santa Claus. Do you think magic works only in children? Not at all! Put your letter in a beautiful envelope, seal it and leave it under the Christmas tree for all holidays, every day, remember and repeat your wishes. When you remove the Christmas tree, put an envelope with a letter in a secluded place. And the next New Year, get it, print it out and check what came true. You will be pleasantly surprised.

№ 5
Buy the most beautiful card that you like. It is better if the image on it will symbolize your dream. Write wishes on it ... to yourself. Then boldly send yourself by mail. All year, keep this postcard as a happy mascot. It would be useful in the same way to write congratulations to loved ones and relatives, as well as friends.

№ 6
Do you know what a wish card is? These are dreams, but not written, but presented in the form of images - photos, schemes of stickers on a usual sheet, plastic, plywood. So, the best wishes for the New Year's Eve card.

№ 7
Forest round dance. Go to the forest, it is better to do it one or a few days before the New Year, or on the eve of the old New Year. Bring friends, relatives, children with you (the more people there are, the stronger the effect will be). Take a few Christmas decorations with you, rain. You can take Bengal lights, crackers. You can grab champagne and crystal glasses (only non-plastic). Dress the most beautiful Christmas tree in the forest and dance, burn sparklers, shoot with firecrackers, drink champagne (just do not forget to clean up the garbage after yourself). Think of your dreams, send them to the Universe during such a fun and friendly pastime.

№ 8
This method is for fans of origami and crafts enthusiasts, it will be interesting to apply this method with children. Do some animal craft or paper birds, tell her all your cherished dreams in a whisper, and then put it on the Christmas tree. Let him be there all the holidays, carrying the energy of your wishes and absorbing the energy of the holiday. After you remove the Christmas tree, place the craft in a prominent place. When you see it, it will remind you of your dreams and motivate to action.

№ 9
At the moment when the chimes are beating, open a window, a window or go out to the balcony and voice your dreams, release them to the Universe. The special energy of the holiday, your mood, faith and strength of intention will contribute to their quick execution.

№ 10
And this way will tell you how to make a wish after you have already drunk champagne. You need leaves with a description of what you want to roll the tubes and put in an empty bottle of champagne. Block the top with wax or clay, leave until next year in a secret place.

№ 11
And another interesting technique. Perfect for those who have a huge number of desires. We take 12 pieces of paper and write down our requests on them. Total - twelve desires. In the morning, as soon as you wake up, pull out one leaf. What is written on it - 100% will be fulfilled in the coming year