For a holiday

Plates of wine corks on the table for guests

This is an instruction on how original and simple it is possible to make plates for guests on the table for any event: anniversary, wedding, corporate party, prom, etc ... Their main advantages are a pleasant appearance, an unusual idea, and most importantly - minimal financial costs!

I think among your acquaintances there is one who has accumulated wine corks or you will surely find them in an institution where you plan to hold a banquet (restaurant, cafe, bar).

Stage 1: Cork

We find the required number of ordinary traffic jams. Their number should be equal to the number of guests (if these will be nameplates).

Stage 2: Sawing

To work we need a tool called Dremel (Dremel) with me it is always at hand. Most likely, you do not have it, but it is not expensive at all, and if you have time, you can order it in China. If there is no time, then it will be cheaper to buy from us anyway than to order the production of nameplates from someone. And besides, you will have a great and very useful tool.

Put the cork on the table and make a good cut as shown in the picture. Take care of your fingers 🙂

You can try to make a cut with a sharp knife, but this cut should be wide so that the piece of paper can easily fit there and stand at a slight inclination, which is laborious. The plug may crumble or the groove may become uneven.

Stage 2: Clean the notch

The notch in the traffic jam should not be too wide so that the piece of paper with the guest's name does not fall out. The groove should be cleaned from crumbs.

Stage 3: Cut the Bottom

Now, on the opposite side of the slot, use a sharp knife to cut off 1/3 of the cork. The resulting flat surface will be the basis for our tablet.

Stage 4: Bottom removed

1/3 cork removed.


If you do not have the required number of traffic jams, then at this stage you can cut not 1/3, but divide it in half so that you can use the second half for the tablet (Not shown in the photo). Thus, the number of traffic jams can be half the number of guests.

Stage 5: Level the bottom

As I already described above, the cut with a knife turns out to be very uneven, so in order to level the support surface of our plate, we will need sandpaper. Place it on the table and drive the cork as shown in the figure until you get a perfectly flat surface.

Congratulations, we are done! It remains to print on beautiful paper leaves with the names of the guests.

P.S. If you get too wide cuts, then you can drop a little glue there.