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11 ways to visually increase the height of the ceilings

Living in a space with a low ceiling can be quite unpleasant. And if the room is still not properly decorated, it may look darker and smaller than it actually is.

Here are 11 different ways you can make your low ceilings visually taller and increase small space.

1. Low furniture

Furniture that is closer to the floor creates the illusion of higher ceilings due to the greater distance between its upper part and the ceiling.

Inspiration via Article Home Decor Inspiration via Article Home Decor

2. Long mirrors

Due to their reflectivity, mirrors are a great way to make any space visually larger. And if they are arranged vertically, they make the space visually higher.

Interior by Maria Castello Martinez. Photography by Estudi EPDSE.

3. High curtains

Installing eaves under the ceiling makes the human brain think that the windows are taller than they really are.

Decor by Studio-McGee. Photography by Travis J Photography.

4. Vertical lines

Like the last two methods, the vertical lines lengthen the space, directing the eyes towards the ceiling, and make the brain think that the space is higher than it really is.

Interior by studio GEOMETRIUM

5. Low contrast between walls and ceiling.

The color of the ceiling in the color of the walls or its small contrast with the walls creates the illusion that the walls just continue higher.

Interior by dries otten. Photography by Jef Jacobs.

6. Spotlights

Low hanging lamps can visually reduce the height of ceilings. The luminaires installed directly into the ceiling, keep attention at its height and create more ceiling space to reflect light.

Designed by Amit Apel. Photography by Brandon Valiente. Designed by Martin Dulanto Sangalli. Photography by Juan Solano.

7. High angles

Placing tall pieces of furniture, floor lamps or plants in the corner directs the eyes further into the room and upwards, making it higher.

Interior design by Tara Benet Inspiration via Ligne Roset (Solveig floor lamp by Avril De Pastre)

8. Stick Vertical

Hang the picture vertically and choose objects of art whose height exceeds the width in order to direct your eyes upwards and draw the walls.

Artwork by STALLMAN

9. Half wall painting

Painting the lower half of the wall in a darker color, and the upper part and the ceiling in the same light creates the illusion of an endless continuation of the walls.

Interior designed by Van het kastje naar de muur. Photography by Milou.

10. Diagonal coloring

Diagonal color blocks change the perspective of a room and can help visually increase its height, forcing you to direct your gaze upwards.

Furniture via HAY

11. Be bold

A bright carpet on the floor will keep the spotlight at ground level and distract from the ceiling height, which makes the space visually higher.

Rug via Urban Outfitters