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20 amazing ideas for a French manicure: for every day and for publication!

Classical French manicure will not go out of fashion ever, because he goes to any outfit. Yes, and make these nails at home easy. But you can not always walk with the same nail design!

If you adore French manicure, we have made for you a selection of 20 french design ideas for every taste and color. These ideas will make your image unique and inimitable!

Ideas for french manicure

  1. Leopard print
  2. Add some silver
  3. Barely noticeable golden
  4. Gold sparkles
  5. Color jacket
  6. Mirror manicure
  7. White variation
  8. The combination of matte and glossy
  9. Black jacket
  10. Peas
  11. Geometric french
  12. Black and white
  13. Another geometry option
  14. Strip
  15. Fashionable burgundy with gold
  16. Red and black
  17. And the peas again
  18. Glitter Asymmetry
  19. Gentle gradient
  20. Two-color geometry
  21. French manicure will add to your image rigor and style, so be sure to save yourself to bookmark these ideas. Share in the comments which of the ideas you like!