The wife brought her husband to tears, originally announcing her pregnancy!

When is the 24 year old Briann dave found out she was pregnant, she was in no hurry to tell her husband this wonderful news. Instead, she agreed to take pictures with her wedding photographer and invited her unsuspecting husband to go to the park, telling him that they won a photo session in the competition.

When Briann Dave found out about her pregnancy, she decided to tell her husband about it in an unusual way

Instead of simply saying that she is pregnant, Briann, together with her wedding photographer, decided to arrange a photo session with the participation of an unsuspecting husband

Caption: “Favorite, Sweet, Sweet”

The expectant mother told Brandon to go to the park to take part in a photo shoot that they allegedly won in the competition.

When the couple came to the park, photographer Samantha told them to stand back to back and gave each of them a board.

“I invited them to write three words on their boards with which they could describe each other,” Samantha explained

When they turned to face each other, the following was written on the Briann board: “You will soon become Pope”

“Brandon’s reaction was invaluable when he read what was written on her board,” added Samantha.

Brandon simply could not hold back his tears and hugged his wife very tightly

Briann found it difficult to keep the news a secret, but it was worth it!