A multicolored candle can make a very beautiful thing.

The candle is associated today with a romantic evening, meditation, perhaps some kind of celebration. In all cases, it appears as a small but significant addition that will help to spend time with pleasure. We suggest you to use a very simple, but at the same time original idea - to make a grated multicolored candle with your own hands! This will require a minimum of materials and your time.

To make a rubbed candle with your own hands, prepare:

  • small candles of different colors;
  • thin long candle;
  • grater;
  • wineglass.

Getting Started:

1. Grate such a quantity of multi-colored wax as you need for alternating colors.

2. Put a taper in the glass, slightly warm the base so that it stands firmly.

3. Begin to pour in multi-colored wax, filling the glass to the end until one wick remains.

Light the wick, and the original multi-colored candle is ready to do it yourself!