Most people don't even realize how useful toothpicks can be.

Small wooden toothpicks have long established themselves as an excellent tool. And they have long been used not only for their intended purpose. Sharp sticks of durable wood are commonly used on the premises.

You probably have your own tricks. Add to them another 10 useful tips, which are described in detail below.

Use wood for ignition

Today, many kitchens are equipped with automatic ignition stoves, so there may be no matches for them. If you need to light a candle, light a toothpick from the stove. This way you can transfer the flame even to a deep candlestick.

Check soil moisture

In order for indoor plants to feel good, it is necessary to provide them with optimal watering. In order not to overdry the soil, and to prevent excessive moisture in it, use toothpicks. Stick them in the ground in a pot, and see how wet the wood is. Dry toothpick indicates the need for watering.

Use a toothpick to apply glue.

If you glue various surfaces, it is very difficult to keep your fingers from dirty marks. In addition, the work may not look tidy enough if traces of glue were where they should not be. Using a toothpick, take the right amount of glue and apply strictly to the destination.

Fill the holes for the screw or screw

If you got the screw out of wood, then again using the same mounting hole will not be easy. After all, part of the wood was damaged. Fill the hole with a toothpick and screw the screw straight into it. This method is suitable for screws. For reliability, you can fix a toothpick with wood glue.

Seal the nail trail.

If a cord or a picture was attached to a wooden surface, it most likely left traces of a nail. Fill the voids with toothpicks smeared with glue. After that, the surface should be sanded, puttied and painted.

Grow your own sweet potatoes

This unusual vegetable requires special care. Fix it on the edge of the jar with toothpicks, and fill the bottom of the container with water.

The original way to bake potatoes

If you have only a microwave at your disposal, you can still bake the potatoes evenly. Make the roots of toothpicks root and put on a glass circle. Vegetable will be ready in a few minutes.

Mark the edge of the tape

Situations in which you need scotch often arise suddenly. And there is often no time to look for the end. Prepare a roll in advance, sticking a toothpick to the very edge. Unlike a paper marker, this edge does not have to be cut and thrown away. The same toothpick can be used many times.

Keep the cake fresh

As soon as you cut the first slice from the cake, it begins to dry. Such a delicious delicacy has to be cut around the edges ... But you can protect pastries by attaching pieces of bread to the sides. After all, dried bread is better than dried cake.

Write a secret message

Gently puncture it on the peel of a banana. In a few hours, secret letters will appear and become noticeable.

How do you use toothpicks?