For the House and Cottages

Greenhouses and greenhouses created from old windows. 25 inspirational buildings

From the old windows you can create an incredible, useful and at the same time nice building - a greenhouse or a greenhouse. Thousands of enthusiastic summer people all over the world use this idea, so why not follow their example and not look at a couple of ideas on the subject? A greenhouse or a greenhouse created from old windows is not a whim, but a real, practical and just great idea for the site!

Romantic greenhouse

Original greenhouse from old windows

Simple greenhouse extension to the house

Rooftop Greenhouse

Orangery from windows of different sizes

White mini-greenhouse

"Dream House" from old windows

High greenhouse of old windows

Mini greenhouse for pallets

Greenhouse with a roof

Pretty dark greenhouse

Little and nice greenhouse from old windows

Greenhouse in the shape of a cube

Inspirational blue greenhouse

High greenhouse from old windows

Greenhouse extension to the wall

Charming yellow greenhouse

Romantic white greenhouse with a roof of the windows

Classic greenhouse with tall windows

Simple but practical greenhouse

Three greenhouses of different sizes

Spacious greenhouse from old windows

Beautiful high greenhouse

Small greenhouse from old windows

Original greenhouse