For the House and Cottages

This house has an area of ​​only 30 square meters. m. But I was delighted to see what was inside!

A dream house does not always have to look like a castle so that you can feel comfortable in it. This work of art shows that it is possible to live very comfortably on 30 square meters. You will not believe, but it is everything you need for a happy life. Inside this magical building you feel like a fairy tale.

This dream house was built in the UK.

Its area is only 30 square meters.

This is not just a house, but a heavenly place.

In the open area you can sunbathe.

Or enjoy the evening sunset.

The view from the window can not be compared with anything!

The design is also very original.

Huge windows that open beautiful landscapes.

And visually enlarging the space.

Small but very cozy kitchen.

The bedroom looks fantastic.

Neat bathroom.

Home Sweet Home!

Dream House Should not cost a lot of money. These people were limited to a small space, but managed to put everything necessary in it.

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