Trendy Transformation: Turning Old Jeans into Trendy Models

Jeans never go out of fashion. The cut, decor options, accessories, but denim remains. Durable practical fabric capable of withstanding several seasons. At the same time to wear jeans, the style of which has ceased to be relevant, no one calls. But to alter the model and bring it into line with fashion trends is always possible. Options for alteration of mass, the main thing is to choose the one that will have to taste more. Armed with the information and material necessary for conversion, it is easy to turn old jeans into fashionable designer jeans. Just see how many stylish ideas can be translated into reality. Copy them one to one is not required. Turning on the imagination and splashing a bit of creativity, it is easy to get the author's model and demonstrate to others the presence of excellent taste. Bold experiments are welcome!