Terry towel can be knitted independently, you only need threads and knitting needles

An interesting and beautiful pattern can be used for knitting outerwear, such as jackets and jackets, as well as for interior decor. The main secret of knitting is to achieve loops of the same length. Having trained, it will be easy to form such.

Please note that this type of knitting requires more yarn than usual. Be sure to check the flow in a small area. According to preliminary calculations, you will need 2-3 times more yarn than for knitting with satin, depending on the length of the pile.

The beginning of mating - all rows of facial loops. This will be the edge of the product. You can use a finger, a pencil, or a ruler for a row with loop pulling. We form an elongated loop, winding the thread on a pencil after each knit loop on the needles. Thread the needle into the loop on the left, twist the thread, leave the main loop on the left. Return the loop to the knitting needle and knit it two.

Further it is necessary to alternate the rows of ordinary facial loops with the rows elongated. Synthetic yarns will come with excellent mats or washcloths. Soft cotton and wool are perfect for children's blankets, blankets and clothes.

All the nuances of this pattern are easy to master thanks to the detailed video instructions: