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With this method, you can easily grow kiwi seed

Who doesn't like this juicy and sweet fruit? Kiwi, oddly enough, comes from China. Only at the beginning of the last century, this fruit was brought to New Zealand. Today you can buy kiwi in almost any large grocery store. Have you ever thought about growing your own kiwi vine?

It seems that the Kiwi will not take root in a place with a cold climate. However, for this master class, kiwis were germinated in Canada, where the winter cannot be called soft and warm. Until now, the plant lives and grows safely. Let's go and we will try to germinate kiwi from the normal seed of the fruit!

Would need:

  • one ripe kiwi (preferably with a “Bio” sticker);
  • Plastic container;
  • paper towels;
  • warm water;
  • pot and ground for planting sprouted seeds.

Getting started:

1. Peel the seeds from the pulp. The easiest way to do this is to knead the kiwi with a fork and add water. Drain and pour new until the flesh is completely gone.

2. Pour some warm water into the container, put kiwi seeds inside. The container itself is placed in a warm place for a week. Change the water every day.

3. After a week, make a mini-greenhouse for seeds - a trick that will help germinate seeds. Moisten a paper towel (preferably with a spray bottle), place the seeds on top, spray the area with a spray bottle with warm water and cover the seeds with a plastic container. Periodically open and spray the seeds.

4. As soon as the seeds germinate, they can be planted!

It is best to give each seed its own pot. However, together they get along well. Put the pot in a warm sunny place (or light up the lamp) and watch the plants grow!