Canned rings - a spectacular element that adds style to knitted things.

Crocheting is an exciting experience. Craftswomen who are familiar with this kind of needlework will like the idea of ​​complementing knitting with decorative elements. The use of canned keys opens up a lot of opportunities for creativity. Implanted in diverse products, they add style and volume to them, make them more practical and attractive. With their help, it is easy to create unique designer items. Tying cans keys, needlewomen succeeds the impossible. Just see how unexpected the result may be.

Summer bags look original and original.

Kitchen curtain with elements of canned rings looks very impressive.

And this is an elegant clutch.

Designer butterfly will be the original element of the carnival costume. In the same technique and easy to make a mask.

So, step by step, a real miracle is born. Tying canned keys, you can get the original stand under the hot, wallets and covers, designer napkins.

There would be canned rings, and there will always be ideas worthy of implementation.