Compress from a strong cough. Treats for the evening!

I want to share a very simple recipe for treating cough in a small child who cannot be put a yellow card or something like that. Honey is known to have properties that help treat many diseases without resorting to the use of traditional medicines. Most often it is used to treat inflammatory and simply cold respiratory diseases. This post will raise the question of how to treat a child with a honey cake and how to make it.

The essence of such treatment It consists in applying to the chest area where the lungs are located, the thick masses of which are based on natural honey, which quite relieve cough.
Everything is done very simply and quickly.

1 tbsp. l honey

1 tbsp. l dry mustard,

1 tbsp. l vinegar,

1 tbsp. l sunflower oil,

flour so much that you can sculpt.

Knead the honey with flour so that the resulting cake is not scattered, and was viscous (almost should not stick to your hands):

Somewhere else I read that you can add vegetable oil, plus everything.
Next, put our cake rolled in flour on a napkin (or you can wrap in cheesecloth).

After that, all this is attached with a plaster for a T-shirt:

Naturally, our cake should not fall on the heart area!
The whole thing for 2-3 hours - better when the child is sleeping. It will sweat a lot - so you need to put something under it and then change clothes.
For adults, honey cake is also used, but for the best effect it is advised to add more mustard!
PS It is naturally contraindicated for those who are allergic to honey or other components!

Share this recipe with your friends, let them try cooking too.