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The decoration of modern bedrooms. Bedroom Design Ideas for Couples

Bedroom - a place where two people can retire and relax. Even if a couple lives with their parents or rents accommodation with friends, it is very important to equip your own corner. In a separate apartment, the bedroom becomes a private place, which is not allowed to let guests even during the day. Consider all the features of the arrangement of this space, so that it works for your relationship, and not against them.

Buy a large bed with a comfortable mattress

You should not take the saying "cramped, but not mad" for a guide to action in the arrangement of the bedroom. At night, even a very close couple need to rest. So everyone should have enough space on the bed. And in order not to wage battles, dragging the blanket over yourself, select each one for yourself. So do not have to argue warm or cold, heavy or light. Do not forget about a comfortable orthopedic mattress.

Add soft light sources

In the bedroom, you can either completely abandon the ceiling lights and chandeliers, or supplement them with several sconces or night lamps. An excellent option will be a glowing garland that will create a romantic mood in the room.

Take the color issue seriously

If we are talking about a room for two, you have to compromise. The most important thing is to achieve comfort for both, which means that the color should perform a specific function. Consider the mode of operation, sleep and rest. Be careful with red. Although it is considered the color of love and passion, it is difficult to relax and unwind in a room of this color. Shades of blue cause feelings of peace and stability, but waking up in the morning in such a room can be quite difficult. If the job requires early waking up, choose turquoise or green tones.

Choose the right cabinets and shelves

Storage space in the bedroom should be concise and not overload the room. Do not hang massive shelves above the headboard. Let the room be some bright accents, and not a warehouse of trifles. Cabinets and dressers should be combined with the bed in style, but it is not necessary to make a single set with it. Try not to arrange a library in the bedroom, so as not to breathe dust from the book pages.

Each on a personal nightstand

Even if the couple has a very close relationship, it is necessary to provide everyone with a small personal corner. And a bedside table near the bed can play such a role. About the cabinets place on the outlet, and you do not have to argue about whose turn it is to recharge the mobile phone.

Soft floor mats

If your room does not have underfloor heating, it is important to think about a pleasant flooring. It is better to abandon the solid carpet in favor of small rugs near the bed itself. They are easier to clean and can be removed in the warm season. In addition, if you choose a bedroom in a neutral color scheme, colored rugs and curtains will be able to completely change its style.