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9 ways to efficiently use the space of the balcony

If you walk down the street, carefully looking at the windows of houses, you can see a lot of balconies, literally littered with various rubbish. But the balcony is an additional area of ​​your home. Use it for a more comfortable stay, and not mindlessly storing unnecessary things.

Additional part of the room

If the balcony complements your bedroom and is not in use, continue the room. In this corner you can put a small dressing table.

The continuation of the kitchen

A balcony from the kitchen is often combined with a room. Here you can put a couple of chairs by setting the tabletop directly on the windowsill. The rest of the kitchen can be turned into a dining room or even a small living room.

Workplace for a child

If a room with a balcony is used as a nursery, it makes sense to equip a work area here. It is important to pay attention to the weatherization of this zone and the installation of a quality window.

Small home office

It will also be convenient for an adult to cope with affairs, located at the very window. On the other side of the wall it makes sense to put a spacious filing cabinet.

Rest and relaxation area

Sometimes the balcony is better to leave a balcony. Perfectly fit into a hammock or hanging chair. On the balcony with insulated walls, it is convenient to relax even in the cold season.

Put a coffee table on the balcony

On this balcony, you can hold a private conversation over a cup of coffee, or even a date with a glass of wine.

Laconic design

A lot of furniture on a small balcony is not easy to fit. Use black and white and simple silhouettes. Furniture on long legs create a sense of air and space.


Panoramic windows should be banned with furniture at the legislative level! It is better to do without unnecessary details. Several soft pillows and a small ottoman, which can be used as a table.

Classic solution

Fill it with flowers, and put a small sofa or a bench for rest.