Tricky and easy way to hem jeans so that it was not noticeable

New jeans

She asked her husband for shoes, and turned down her jeans so that about 1-1.5 cm would remain up to the floor and pinned with needles. She asked me to walk around the room several times to sit down. During this time, the trousers ducked up a bit, and I let go of another 1 cm.

Bent and pinned with needles

After the husband took off his jeans, it was determined how many cm, I should shorten the length of the leg. It turned out 9.5 cm.

Decided on how much see. Cut off

I turned out the trouser legs, and turned up 4.7 cm (half of 9.5 cm). Moreover, 4.7 cm. Measured from the bottom to the native hem.

Measured 4.7 cm

She measured a distance of 4.7 cm throughout the hem. And pinned with needles. Needles, of course, stuck across the movement of the machine's foot.

Pricked with needles

Then stitched on a typewriter. The line gave the edge of the native hem, as in the photo below.

Stitched on the edge of the native hem

To calm her, to check whether she measured the length correctly, she asked her husband to try on jeans. With long everything is fine. After that I measured 1.5 cm from the line and cut off the excess.

Cut off the excess, leaving 1.5 cm.

An important point! Since, cutting the leg, I cut the side, stitched native seams, it is necessary to connect them as smoothly as possible. So that it was not visible that the seam was cut. In the photo below, the seam moved to the side. This should be provided either immediately or corrected. Spread the stitch and align the seams.

So not right, should be redone

In the photo below, I did, as it should be.

The seams are connected exactly.

She took it to the workshop, overlaying the seam. In order not to wait, she agreed that the master would overlap with black threads, since the color of the threads is not important here.

Bottom processed on overlock

Wrenched her trousers.

Wrenched leg

Now, so that the overlapped seam does not bend down, at the very edge gave a line. Here is an important point! Threads should be selected as much as possible in the tone of jeans fabric.

Gave a line on the edge

Notice the photo above. Arrows, I noted a white strip, it is my own. This strip will divert attention from the stitching, the stitch that we made by trimming the jeans. And this effect will intensify after washing.

Next, I made the tack, 1 cm from the front side, on the side seams. These tacks will not allow the seam to bend down. And the bottom of the leg will not be bristling. Clamps made, trying to get exactly in the seam, as in the photo below.

Made a clip in the seam.

Actually that's all. It remains only to steam the stitched, so that the seam would have a finished look.

This is how you can sew jeans with the preservation of the seam. All ingenious is simple! When I stitched in this way, I was just amazed.