Tempting Strawberry Crochet Pattern

Before the start of the strawberry season, when juicy and fragrant berries appear in the country as the first harbinger of the onset of a warm summer, so far away. And now is the time to tie a new beautiful crochet thing with a bright and tempting strawberry pattern.

This pattern is simple to perform, even beginners can do the job.

1 row: dial a chain of air loops. Their number should be a multiple of 4, plus 2 loops along the edges of the work. The whole row is knitted with green thread.

2nd row: use 3 green threads to make 3 air loops for lifting, then knit 2 double crochets.

* Red thread knit 4 columns with two naquids, Green thread knit 3 double crochets * Draw the threads before knitting.

3 row: knit a green thread. 1 air loop, then

* 4 semi-columns without nakida knit between the red columns of the previous row, then they need to be finished, knitting together, 3 columns without single crochet *

4 row: knit with red thread. 3 air loops for lifting, 1 double crochet, further as 2 rows from * to *. Knit with a red thread from two skeins. The facial rows are odd.

The bulge of strawberries can be varied by increasing the number of columns and nakida. The basic scheme for the pattern of "strawberries":

Crocheted strawberry finished products:

Handbags and backpacks

Napkins and a hot-water bottle on the kettle

Caps, headband and boots

Video bonus: crochet crochet workshop