Сhopines - fashionable women's shoes of 15-16 centuries

Shoes - the weakness of many women. Not surprisingly, some of them are a true work of art. The most unusual shoes in the world have always tried to create. And today we want to tell you about the crazy invention of shoe designers of the 15th, 16th century - Сhopines.

Chopines are platform shoes that allow women to appear taller and were not visible under long dresses.

In addition, fashionable shoes of the time protected the dresses of young fashionistas from water and dirt.

Shoes on the Сhopines platform became incredibly popular at the turn of the 16th century throughout Western Europe. In Spain they were often made of cork, and in Italy they were made of pine.

As an additional decor, the craftsmen used leather, velvet, brocade and silk. And the richest ladies decorated their fashionable shoes with gold braids, cords, embroidery and lace.

Walking on such shoes was incredibly difficult and painful, so rich ladies leaned on the sides of their maids. Would you dare to walk in the garden in these shoes?