Unusual idea for the interior: a decorative frame for a flat TV

Today, many homes are hanging new high-tech televisions with a large flat screen. And although they look very good, not every interior can be combined with these modern gadgets. In a room that is decorated in a classic or vintage style, a large modern TV can look alien.

But thanks to some techniques, the TV can be hidden or made a real decoration of the room. Just pick up the finish that fits with your interior and frame your screen. You will need 4 pieces of frame, matched to the screen size.

The frame must be cut at a 90 degree angle to form even, tight corners. If you plan to cut with a hand saw, use a shell.

On the back of the screen should be located base of plywood and a long bar.

It is with mounting on the wall of this inner frame that the installation of the whole structure begins.

Secure the frame to the wall with screws. Then hang up the tv. You can attach the outer frame to the inner frame. Among other things, the internal frame will hide the side surfaces of the TV.

To make the frame fit into the interior of the room, paint it with bright paint. Now the TV will not stand out from the style of the whole room.

And a few more frames for TV ideas: