Design and Architecture

Bird's-eye view: a spectacular project on a rock bar

Modern architects do not cease to amaze more and more exciting buildings where you can spend your leisure time. In Mexico, there will soon be such an institution where you can not only admire nature from a bird's-eye view, but also skip a glass or two at the bar counter for bravery. It will be about an amazing cocktail bar, which will hang directly from the cliff.

Architectural project of Tall Arquitectos.

Tall Arquitectos has unveiled its new project called Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar. The stunning cocktail bar will be located on the edge of a cliff opposite the famous Mexican Basaseachic Falls.

Bar with a glass floor at a height of several tens of meters.

The unique bar will consist of two levels. The upper space is equipped with tables and a swimming pool, and on the lower level, which bulges out of the rock, there will be a bar on the perimeter. Surely not everyone will be able to overpower themselves and go down for a cocktail, because then you have to walk on the glass floor, through which the whole valley is visible from a bird's-eye view.