Fabulous New Year Plaid: 20+ ideas for the winter holidays

The New Year's motif is an excellent accessory that will help not only to create a magical atmosphere, but also to warm up in cold, frosty evenings. On winter evenings, sometimes you just want to wrap yourself up in a blanket and watch your favorite Christmas movie with a mug of hot chocolate in your hands. If you have a lot of free time at the moment, you can tie a few pieces together and give them to friends and family on New Year's Eve. They will definitely be pleased!

Plaid in the technique of patchwork (9 small blankets in the New Year's theme, sewn together)

Cute snowman

Good Santa Claus

Santa Claus sledge

Herringbone - beautiful

Fairy Elf

Christmas wreath

Gingerbread Man

Gift Socks


Sweet candy

Upon completion, sew all the parts together:

Other ideas for Christmas motifs that you can use to make a plaid: