6 secrets by which your carpet will always look like new

Many of us have a favorite old carpet. It is the one that throws a pity, and there is no power to clean. Every spot on it can be a real tragedy, because professional dry cleaning costs so much! And if small children or pets live in the house, you just can’t do without daily exhausting cleaning ... It’s good that there are 6 great tips that can help you cope with many problems.

1. The power of baking soda

Replace dry cleaning with a simple soda-based cleaner. Mix equal parts of soda, vinegar, liquid soap and warm water. Apply the mixture to the carpet. Brush the most polluted areas thoroughly and allow the mixture to dry completely. After this, vacuum the carpet. It will be incredibly clean! To get rid of small impurities, clean them with a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar.

2. Remove all dents.

The legs of the furniture flatten the pile of carpets. And if you decide to make a permutation, in the room, on the floor will remain ugly traces. To cope with the problem is quite simple. Put on the places where the pile has stuck a few ice cubes. After the ice has melted, the carpet will return to its former shape.

3. Quick removal of fresh stains.

A new spot to remove from the carpet is much easier. You just need to quickly apply to it the usual shaving cream. Foam will help protect the fibers from deep penetration of any coloring pigment, and it will be very easy to clean the carpet. Simply remove the foam without rubbing it into the carpet, and then wet the stain with plain water.

4. Prepare deodorant for carpet

Synthetic flavors may not be safe for children and pets. Instead of using them, mix a few tablespoons of soda with the same amount of water, and add any essential oil to the mixture. Such a mixture can periodically sprinkle the carpet, so that it always has a great smell.

5. Make your own carpet cleaning cocktail

Sometimes coping with stains with the help of natural products can be difficult. Then household chemicals come to the rescue. Surely, you know which of the products best remove stains and remove grease. And let them not designed for carpets. Universal detergents, fabric softeners, oxygen bleach and dishwashing liquids perform well. Take the time to find your own recipe! To clean the carpet all the ingredients need to be diluted in warm water.

6. Clean the carpet locally.

Sometimes, to keep the carpet clean, it does not need to be washed entirely. There are problem areas that pollute faster than others. For example, at the entrance and near the sofa. Just brush over it with a cleaning agent before vacuuming the entire carpet. When vacuuming a carpet with a long pile, put the brush on the mode for a smooth floor. Then the pile will be lifted by the brushes of the vacuum cleaner, and the carpet will be cleaned more thoroughly.