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How to save flowers with glycerin

If you want to keep a bouquet for a long time or to make an eternal bouquet as a gift, you can preserve the flowers with glycerol.
Glycerin allows you to keep the flower almost, in its original form, the plants even remain flexible and only slightly change color. The only "but" - too young foliage can not be preserved with glycerin.

For the conservation of flowers you will need

  • glycerol
  • water
  • transparent containers (plastic or glass with a lid, preferably low and wide, since small flowers will float up)
  • flowers with thick leaves and stems, because flowers with thinner foliage retain their initial appearance worse.

So, let's begin:

1. In a cleanly washed container, fold the flowers in random order, because after pouring the liquid, the flowers will still mix. Light solitary flowers usually float after flooding. Flowers need a certain way to prepare: make an oblique cut of the stem, remove the lower leaves, remove the skin or bark and split the stem about 6 cm, so that the solution penetrates the flower better.

2. Prepare the solution: boiling water mixed with glycerin in a ratio of 3: 1 (one part glycerol and three parts water). The resulting solution is cooled to room temperature.

3.  Fill the solution in prepared containers with flowers. If, after pouring, you do not like the arrangement of colors, we correct it with a stick or tweezers.

4. Tightly close the lid. The cover can be decorated with ribbons, raffia, cloth, dried flowers, in general, everything that is at hand.

5.  We put on the shelf. After 2 weeks, when the flowers are soaked with glycerin, the solution may become cloudy - from pollen, flower juice, etc. You can drain the solution, wash the flowers (the smell can be unpleasant) and pour the same solution again. Everything. Further flowers will remain unchanged until you want a new bouquet.


The cover can be decorated with linen cloth and soak it with essential oils.