The most fashionable coat color 2018, or pink millenial

Posted by: Ольга * 16 team *

This article is for those who love to be ahead of the entire planet and want to look into the fashion future, namely, to know: what will be the most fashionable color in 2018. You must agree, to buy a fashionable coat this season so that it does not lose relevance, but on the contrary became the embodiment of the fashion trends of the next year - this is a real fashion investment!

Coat fashion trends 2017-2018 indicate the approaching wave of popularity of the new pink color. This unusual color is called millennial pink. It is a complex symbiosis of peach color and soft color of powdered rose with a pronounced gray under the tone.

The shade is called the “pink millenial” in honor of a generation that is as difficult to define and limit as this soft and relaxed shade. However, to call it an invention of modernity would be a mistake. Today it received a huge popularity and fashionable name, but it appeared and began to be used several centuries ago.

Millennial pink has a discreet, noble character, it does not cause an association with a Barbie doll or with the color of a fairy-tale princess dress. The moderate neutrality and pleasant peach tone makes this trendy color an ideal option for the autumn-winter wardrobe, especially for outerwear. According to forecasts, this particular shade is the most fashionable coat color in 2018.

Millennial pink can replace the shade of powder to those who are tired of "color neutrality", and want a more fresh solution.

No matter how soft and seasoned this shade of pink is, it still requires proper feeding. Stylish beautiful coats in this color can be safely blended with accessories and shoes in warm gray, ash, black, anthracite, or with light gray-beige. And for those who are susceptible to podium combinations: with blue, burgundy, like Moncler, indigo, like in the Topshop collection, or with coral, like in collection No. 21, and even fuchsia, like Valentino's.