Decoupage old furniture decor

If the furniture in the house has become old - this is not a reason to put it in a landfill. Knowledge of the basics of decoupage is a useful skill with which you can give the "new life" of old furniture with glue, paper, paints and decorative elements. Decoupage style is very simple, the main thing is to show imagination and creativity!

Stylish mosaic table

Delicate solution for bedside table

Green color will add freshness to the interior.

Incredibly elegant

Birds on the bedside table to set the mood on cold days

And such a painting can be done with stencils

Forest motifs in the decor

The second life of the old dresser

Real art on old nightstands

Delicate floral motifs

Wallpaper as a decor

There are not so many beautiful flowers

Whole floral set

You can decorate not only furniture, but also a refrigerator