After mixing kefir with sour cream, in two days you will receive a divine snack!

Creamy homemade cheese. What could be more delicious than homemade food cooked with love! Cheese can be served as a snack, add to a salad or spread on the toast in the morning.


  • Sour cream 500 ml
  • Kefir 500 ml
  • Dill 1 bundle.
  • Salt 1 tsp.


Fold the gauze 6 times. Cover with a gauze colander. Mix the kefir, sour cream, add salt and pour the mass into the prepared dish. Cover and put under pressure, send in the refrigerator for two days.

Dill finely chopped.

Form a loaf of cheese and roll in finely chopped dill. If you want to spice up the cheese, you can add a pair of garlic cloves, passed through a press, into dill.